Cold Feet In The Home or Office

For years I have put up with having cold feet in my office. I work in an open-plan office and there exists a constant battle with those who feel cold and those who feel hot. To aggravate matters more, where I sit in my office is directly over an underpass with only a concrete floor to separate us. As a consequence, most of the winter months in recent years have been spent with cold feet during office hours. I explained to my boss my problem and he gave me permission to purchase an electric foot warmer.

I looked around and found the Lifemax Heated Footplate. This seemed to fit the bill, being low wattage (only 40w) and at a fair price (less than £40). I bought this about three weeks ago and it has solved my problem. No more cold feet! I sit at my desk with my feet on the warming plate still wearing my shoes. On the coldest days, I set it to the max but for most of the time, it’s at the medium setting. I am very happy with this product. If you too suffer from cold feet, then this is the product for you!

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