Cold Feet In The Home or Office

For years I have put up with having cold feet in my office. I work in an open-plan office and there exists a constant battle with those who feel cold and those who feel hot. To aggravate matters more, where I sit in my office is directly over an underpass with only a concrete floor to separate us. As a consequence, most of the winter months in recent years have been spent with cold feet during office hours. I explained to my boss my problem and he gave me permission to purchase an electric foot warmer.

I looked around and found the Lifemax Heated Footplate. This seemed to fit the bill, being low wattage (only 40w) and at a fair price (less than £40). I bought this about three weeks ago and it has solved my problem. No more cold feet! I sit at my desk with my feet on the warming plate still wearing my shoes. On the coldest days, I set it to max but for most of the time, it’s at the medium setting. I am very happy with this product. If you too suffer from cold feet, then this is the product for you!

Tranquil Restoration

My body has been giving me some niggling reminders that I have neglected my health in recent months. Well, several months if I’m honest. I will be making some adjustments to my diet over the coming days. I have an opticians appointment next Saturday. That will probably result in a long overdue appointment with the eye clinic to have my glaucoma checked.

It’s not just my health,  my interests in art and language have suffered too. Work has been all consuming. I am a morning person, so perhaps I should rise earlier and assign an hour of tranquility to both of these two subjects. Starting the day earlier will also give me more time to prepare my diet for the day.

Ramsey Glens

Jip and I visited the Food and Drink Festival at the Villa Marina today. Whilst we were there I picked up some official DEFA “Warden’s Walk” leaflets. One of which was Walk No. 6 – “Ramsey Glens”.

As WP 1 is just 2 minutes from my home I decided to do this walk this evening. With just a couple of hours before sunset I set off and picked up WP 2. I’d cross WP 1 on my way back in. The walk is marked as “Moderate” – Muscle Stretcher; mainly because of the 170m climb through Claughbane Plantation up to Albert Tower.


I enjoyed the walk and got a great workout. Sweated up the climbs and jogged down the hills. There was a lovely sunset over Ramsey and towards the end I was loosing the light – hence the BW photos. As this was a new route for me I missed a couple of WP and consequently, the scheduled 6 Km walk ended up being 8 Km! Still good effort Paul. I felt great. I did a fair bit of jogging. The walk was completed in 1 hour 27 mins. My walk was recorded on my “Map My Walk” app here

The Boat House Cafè

It was a beautiful warm sunny afternoon in Ramsey today.  Jip, William and I spent the time in Mooragh Park. I took my drawing bag with me. I sat beside the boating lake and proceeded to draw the Boat House Cafè using a #2 pencil.

I put into practice what I had learnt so far. The emphasis today was on perspective. I am quite pleased with the result. I made a few mistakes but overall I am happy.

Boat House Cafè

Relay for Life Isle of Man 2014

We arrived at the NSC in plenty of time for my 8:45 scheduled start, for my leg of Relay for Life in aid of Cancer Research UK. I got itchy feet by 8:30 and started anyway. Jip decided to walk with me.

We set of at a brisk pace. My target was 25 laps or 10Km. This I succeeded in doing but with a sore groin – ouch! Jip kept with me for 22 laps or 8.8 Km. Well done Jip! I thought I had done well until Steph (our race walker) told me she had completed 10. I asked 10km? No 10 miles, she announced! Crikey! Well done Steph!

A few of my colleagues camped on site as they were walking through the night. They didn’t sleep much as the music continued all night but mainly because the temperature dropped to near freezing. Poor girls. I had a good nights sleep at home in my warm bed and was raring to go Sunday morning.

We all stayed for the closing ceremony and walked as a team for the final lap with Bob. Lots of dancing and clapping. Our team raised over £1,500 with still more to come! £53,000 was raised in total by all the teams also with more to come.

I would like to make a special thank you to all the people who were kind enough to sponsor me and help raise the money that we did for such a great cause. My heartfelt thanks to Anna, La & John, Loot, Laor and not forgetting my lovely wife Jip.

Short video of Relay for Life Isle of Man 2014.

We are all keen to do it again next year only bigger and better. Here’s to 2015 and beating Cancer together.

Self Portrait

I have gone back to drawing again. I was working through Betty Edwards book “Drawing on The Right Side” back in 2013. I am going over the exercises again.

Here is where I am as a starting point – my “before” self portrait:


My “before” self portrait. Drawn using a #2 pencil only. Time taken about 20 mins. Crickey! I look old! The stern look just shows how much I was concentrating!

I also include a foreshortening exercise: my left hand.


Relay for Life Rally – Cancer Research

Today I attended the opening ceremony for the Relay for Life fundraising event for Cancer Research. My colleagues and I at FPS Group put together a team to walk in relay for 24 hours.

Relay for Life FPS Team
Relay for Life FPS Team

I am walking the penultimate leg at around 8:45am tomorrow morning until about 10:35am.

It’s still not too late to make a donation. My donation page is

All money raised will support Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research into preventing, controlling and curing all cancers. Cancer Research UK aims to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured and every step we make towards beating cancer relies on every pound donated. Your donation will make a real difference!

Wild Eyes

I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called “Wild Eyes”. This is a story of a 16 year old girl – Abby Sunderland – who in 2010 embarked on her dream of sailing around the world solo!

Her yacht – Wild Eyes – was knocked down, rolled 360° and dis-masted by a rogue wave in the middle of the Indian Ocean. She was about half-way into her adventure. Though Abbey was knocked down she was not out!

Her story is a great inspiration to all young people who may have met their own rogue wave.

Abby’s experience did not diminish her love of sailing or put a stop to her adventures. Well done Abby!

Follow the link below to read her story in her own words.