Fear of Failure

One of my limiting beliefs has been the fear of failure. This goes way back to when I was a child.

I have since learnt that failure only exists at the point of giving up.

Each time we attempt something and it does not work, is not a failure. It is an error!

We can only learn from our errors. Without error, there is no learning. Without learning, there is no success.

It is good to make errors. Each one is a small step forward to success.

Be happy, make errors!

My First Book

I have finally started work on my first book. It is a non-fiction self-help motivational book.

There are many reasons for writing this book. First and foremost it has to be written. I have something that needs to be said. Secondly, everyone should write at least one book in their life. Thirdly, and perhaps the most important for me, is that this will give me the experience and confidence to write more books.

I have started tonight by mind mapping a brain dump of ideas. Once these ideas are grouped together they will form the basis of the chapters or sections of the book. Because of my work as an IT professional, I have been using Lucidchart for the last few years for computer flow charts and only once before for a mind map. I will be using Lucidchart for this exercise. I see no reason to change.

As there is already an author using the name Richard Paul Evans and a very successful one at that, I will be using the pen name of P R Evans. I have also registered the domain name prevans.com which I will use to support and promote my books.