Ramsey Glens

Jip and I visited the Food and Drink Festival at the Villa Marina today. Whilst we were there I picked up some official DEFA “Warden’s Walk” leaflets. One of which was Walk No. 6 – “Ramsey Glens”.

As WP 1 is just 2 minutes from my home I decided to do this walk this evening. With just a couple of hours before sunset I set off and picked up WP 2. I’d cross WP 1 on my way back in. The walk is marked as “Moderate” – Muscle Stretcher; mainly because of the 170m climb through Claughbane Plantation up to Albert Tower.


I enjoyed the walk and got a great workout. Sweated up the climbs and jogged down the hills. There was a lovely sunset over Ramsey and towards the end I was loosing the light – hence the BW photos. As this was a new route for me I missed a couple of WP and consequently, the scheduled 6 Km walk ended up being 8 Km! Still good effort Paul. I felt great. I did a fair bit of jogging. The walk was completed in 1 hour 27 mins. My walk was recorded on my “Map My Walk” app here  http://www.mapmywalk.com/workout/739292565

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